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What We Do

How Much A Month was designed with a simple purpose… Empower users with financial knowledge to save money.  Use our tools to manage your finances and put more money in your pocket every month.

Intelligent Insights Made Easy

Our analytics and calculators make it easy to gauge the financial impact of large purchases; Whether it is comparing the cost of renting an apartment versus purchasing a home, or calculating the real cost of financing that new automobile.

Save Money Every Month!

Stop wasting money on outdated payment plans and mortgages.  Discover ways to save money in ways that you may not have know existed, with tools and information that may save you hundreds or thousands of dollars every year.

Ways to Save

Mortgage Savings

Refinancing your mortgage is a very common way to unlock savings that you never knew was possible every single month!

Credit Cards

Credit Card Debt is an issue that many families deal with for years or decades sometimes missing out on easy savings! 

Auto Savings

Your car can be a money pit if it’s not managed well.  Make sure your payments are right for your needs and where you’re at in your life.

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